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Microsoft at SC’15: “Yes, we support Linux” in the Azure Cloud

Microsoft AzureIn light of the recent Supercomputing Conference in Austin TX a Microsoft blog confirmed that “on Microsoft Azure, we are committed to supporting the operating systems, job schedulers, applications, tools, databases, and devices you use. Linux is part of our everyday work in the Azure Big Compute team. We are building an enterprise ready, intelligent cloud with True HPC capabilities. We work with partners across the industry to have world class performance, scalability, and support for the applications and tools you run. And we are pushing the state of art in modern, cloud-native applications for greater agility and lower cost to operate.” The Blog also mentions that “UberCloud has made STAR-CCM+ v10 available and pre-configured with a Linux desktop, MPI, and support for Power on Demand licensing.”  Read the Microsoft blog HERE.

We offer individual free trainings about UberCloud’s novel application containers at SC’15


Our CEO Burak Yenier offers free individual training during SC’15 in Austin, TX. If interested please send us your name here: http://www.theubercloud.com/help/ and we will get in touch with you to coordinate day and time with you.

Containers everywhere at SC15: Univa Grid Engine Container Edition

Containers 1Nov 3, 2015 – UberCloud announces a complete management and execution environment for UberCloud Application Containers powered by Univa Grid Engine Container Edition. Now, popular commercial and open source technical applications are available in ready-to-execute packages of software designed to deliver the tools that engineers need to complete their task in hand. Popular commercial and open-source tools are pre-installed, configured, and tested, in UberCloud Containers, and are run on bare metal, without loss of performance. Featured containers include application software from ANSYS, CD-adapco, Gromacs, NICE DCV, Numeca, OpenFOAM, PSPP, Scilab, and many more to come. Read the InsideHPC article HERE.

Gartner names UberCloud a Cool Vendor in Oil & Gas

Gartner res_339_coolVendor2015_refresh_outlinesUberCloud Inc., a leading online community and marketplace platform for engineers and scientists, announced today that it has been listed in Gartner’s Cool Vendors in Oil & Gas 2015 report, published by Gartner analysts Rich McAvey, Leif Eriksen, Morgan Eldred, on April 21, 2015. “We believe that the inclusion of the UberCloud in the Gartner Cool Vendor category of Oil & Gas validates our readiness as the one-stop shop for engineers and scientists to discover, try, and buy computing power and complete solutions on demand, in the cloud”, said Wolfgang Gentzsch, President of the UberCloud. “We are confident that this much valued Gartner recognition will further accelerate the acceptance of cloud computing in Oil & Gas and other application areas.” See the announcement and download the Gartner Cool Vendor report HERE.

NUMECA Steps into the Era of Software as a Service with UberCloud Containers

Numeca 200Nov. 10, 2015 – NUMECA and UberCloud announce the release of NUMECA’s complete suite of Computational Fluid Dynamics (CFD) software powered by UberCloud application software containers, now also available as a service in any cloud. All major NUMECA software packages such as FINE/Marine, FINE/Turbo, FINE/Acoustics, FINE/Design3D, AutoMesh, and FINE/Open are now also available in an UberCloud Container running on any server and in any cloud. “When we came across UberCloud’s new application container technology and containerized all our CFD software packages we were surprised about the ease of use and access to any computing system on demand”, said Professor Charles Hirsch, President and founder of NUMECA International, and world-renowned CFD expert. Read the announcement HERE.

UberCloud Announces Collaboration with Microsoft Azure and Starts Free Trainings

OpenFOAM on Azure

Microsoft and UberCloud agreed to cross-publish engineering and scientific cloud products on their online marketplaces. They started with OpenFOAM, an open source computational fluid dynamics simulation software from OpenCFD Ltd. (ESI Group), widely used in the engineering and scientific design and development community. Interested users can now participate in UberCloud’s Monday Webinars to learn how to register at the Azure Marketplace, and purchase, launch, and shut down the OpenFOAM software which is sitting in a software container immediately ready to use. Read more details in the Azure Store on the UberCloud Marketplace.

Simulation Any Time, Anywhere – Interviews with SimScale and UberCloud

SimScaleThe way that engineers simulate is changing. In the last few years, more technology and software has emerged making the necessary toolsets more accessible for non-analysts. But it’s not just the software that’s changed; the way companies are structuring their offerings has also shifted. Engineers and firms can now purchase software and hardware as a service — offering flexibility, accessibility and mobility. Because they can use software, servers and the cloud as little or as often as they need, engineers can get a taste of programs or toolsets that might not be accessible otherwise. This has become more common for CAE platforms as engineers are bringing simulation further forward in the design process. In this Desktop Engineering feature the author Jessica Lulca discusses these aspects with two representatives of the wider cloud application provider community: SimScale and UberCloud. Read more information mainly based on these interviews  HERE.

Cloud Provider Nimbix attracts $7.5M in Series B round of funding

stevehebert_750xx1600-900-0-146Cloud computing company Nimbix has raised about $7.5 million in a Series B round of funding. The Anna/Texas-based company plans to use the capital to expand its operations to include a second data center, expand its team inside and outside Dallas-Fort Worth and build out its cloud and capabilities. The raise, which closed Oct. 1, included equity and debt. “This is a market that has been emerging over the past few years with the emergence of big data and analytics,” said CEO Steve Hebert, adding that big data and analytics require high-performance processing. “That’s what our platform, JARVICE, enables us to do.”

Cloud and Ice meet for SC15: UberCloud and Nordic Advania Cloud

AdvaniaReykjavík – HPC in the Cloud company Advina published a case study about “Integrating with UberCloud, the online cloud community for engineers and scientists”. An Advania Qstack Cloud Service demo account was created and the Advania control panel was used as the primary method of infrastructure administration for a Proof of Concept study, using Platinum 3x Large instances with specifications: 16 virtual CPU cores; 61 GB RAM; 20 GB disk was selected. The Advania instances were accessed via SSH, and the Docker run time environment was set up. The UberCloud OpenFOAM container was pulled from the UberCloud private registry. Read more on the Advania Website HERE.

UberCloud Publishes New Compendium of HPC Cloud Case Studies

Container harbour 2This is the 3rd annual Compendium of case studies about technical computing in the cloud. These case studies are about cancer genomics, aerodynamics optimizations, coronary artery flow, aircraft wing fluid structure interaction, heat transfer on thermoplastic olefins, microelectronic packaging, wind turbine aerodynamics, frontal car crash, duct elbow optimization, acoustic modelling, and parametric radio frequency heating, to name a few. The goal of the UberCloud Experiment remains the same – to perform engineering experiments in the cloud with real applications in order to understand the roadblocks and how to overcome them. And the efforts are paying off; based on the experience gained over the past several years, UberCloud has now increased the success rate of the individual end-user experiments to almost 100%, as compared to 40% in 2013 and 60% in 2014. Download the new UberCloud Compendium HERE.

CloudFlow and UberCloud Announce Joint Effort to Bring Cloud Services to the Engineers Workplace

cloudflowJune 18, 2015 – The EU funded project CloudFlow and the UberCloud today announce their close cooperation in the areas of community, technology and joint marketing. Both partners agree that their major task currently is building one community around engineering cloud service with members benefiting from cloud-related information, experimentation, and using cloud services for their daily business, on demand, as needed. Another major joint task is facilitating ease of access and use of high-performance cloud resources. See the detailed announcement HERE.

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