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UberCloud Voice April 2018

Hybrid HPC is Speeding Time to Insight and Revolutionizing Medicine

Living HeartHPC-driven advancements are leading to breakthroughs in critical areas such as drug discovery and personalized and predictive medicine. To spearhead this effort, Hewlett Packard Enterprise (HPE) is delivering a new breed of HPC for life sciences. By combining the security and reliability of on-premises technology with the unbounded agility and scalability of the public and private cloud, life sciences organizations can deploy a right-sized infrastructure to extend HPC capabilities, increase ease of use, and accelerate time to insight. Read in this HPCwire article by Bill Mannel, HPE’s VP & GM, HPC Segment Solutions and Apollo Servers, Data Center Infrastructure Group, how HPE pioneered the Hybrid HPC model in 2017, and how, in collaboration with a powerful partner ecosystem, the life sciences sector is currently undergoing a major paradigm shift.

Azure Government Cloud Is Ready For Your Simulations

US CongressState and federal government entities and the public sector in general are frequently affected by economic cycles. Controlling operational costs is an important part of technology management. In 2010, the US federal government announced a cloud-first policy to manage technology and support costs. The Federal Cloud Computing Strategy, detailed how Cloud computing can improve public sector IT:
– Efficiency improvements will shift resources towards higher-value activities
– Assets will be better utilized
– Demand aggregation will reduce duplication
– Data center consolidation will be accelerated
– IT will be simpler and more productive
– Improved agility will make services more responsive
– Services will be more scalable
– Innovation improvements will rapidly enhance service effectiveness
– Encourage entrepreneurial culture by reducing risk
To learn if Microsoft Azure Government Cloud is right for your engineering please read Burak Yenier‘s Blog HERE.

UberCloud Is Now Your Trusted ANSYS Advanced Solution Partner

ANSYS UberCloud Partner smallGood news for all our ANSYS customers: Earlier this year ANSYS has upgraded UberCloud from Cloud Hosting Partner to ANSYS Advanced Solution Partner status. This is the highest partner status and delivers a ton of new benefits to customers:
– More licenses for UberCloud development to enhance our ANSYS Cloud offering and give you a better ANSYS-in-the-cloud experience
– More ANSYS trial capabilities that let you evaluate the solution
– ANSYS support for high performance computing and cloud hosting
– A more direct relationship with ANSYS’ business and technical contacts to collaborate on customer requests and unlimited customer support.
– Joint blogs, articles and webinars that make the benefits of ANSYS Cloud more tailored to your industry and specific needs.
Read more in our Blog HERE.

Why Cloud Is Ideal For COMSOL Server™

COMSOL applWhen COMSOL launched the first version of its Application Builder and COMSOL Server™ at the end of 2014, democratization of CAE was not the buzzword it later became. COMSOL recognized the need early on and set the standard for engineering simulation apps. The Application Builder transforms even the most complex CAE models into user-friendly apps with an intuitive GUI. It wraps and automates even complex workflows. These simulation apps can be made available to other team members, colleagues from different departments, or even to customers. Alexander Gatzemeier from UberCloud explains in his blog how to make these apps with all the sophisticated calculations under the hood available to a broad audience. All without installing any software and accessible from your iPad.

Moving from Workstations to HPC — A Journey Worth Taking

ANSYS Fluent benchmark smallAs a CAE) analyst, you often push the limits of your desktop computer, constraining the size of your models and limiting the number of the simulations you can perform for any given project.  Moving beyond your desktop to a small HPC cluster is the first important step. Here’s why … The chart on the right side compares simulations times running the ANSYS Fluent 19 standard benchmark aircraft wing 14-million cell model on a single compute, two-processor server (1 node), up to a 72-node cluster configuration. At four nodes, for example, you see a four-times increase in speed. In essence, you could run the same benchmark on a 4-node cluster in 25 percent of the time it takes to run that same benchmark on a single node (or workstation). In his Blog, Tony DeVarco, HPE’s HPC, manufacturing vertical manager, explains how ANSYS, Hewlett Packard Enterprise, and TotalCAE are working together to bring down the barriers preventing the move from workstations to a small cluster either on-premise, or off-premise in the cloud.

Team 200 Case Study – – HPC Cloud Simulation of Neuromodulation in Schizophrenia

Team 200 -1

Schizophrenia is a serious mental illness characterized by illogical thoughts, bizarre behavior/speech, and delusions or hallucinations. This UberCloud Experiment #200 is based on computer simulations of non-invasive transcranial electro-stimulation of the human brain in schizophrenia. The experiment has been collaboratively performed by the National Institute of Mental Health & Neuro Sciences in India (NIMHANS), Dassault SIMULIA, Advania, and UberCloud, and sponsored by Hewlett Packard Enterprise and Intel. The current work represents an initial effort to demonstrate the high value of computational modeling and simulation in improving the clinical application of non-invasive transcranial electro-stimulation of the human brain in schizophrenia.Download cse Stuy #200 HERE.

Join our UberCloud Experiments: Exploring GROMACS in the Cloud

Team 89 smallFrom 200 UberCloud experiments we have performed in 2012 – 2018 together with engineers from our UberCloud community in Digital Manufacturing, Life Sciences, Financial Services, and Oil & Gas we have selected 2 case studies from the life sciences, dealing with GROMACS molecular dynamics simulations, namely: Team 61: Molecular Dynamics of the Mutant PI3Kα Protein, and Team 89: Performance Analysis of Molecular Dynamics for Simulating Enzyme Substrate. You can download these two case studies HERE. AND IF YOU ARE INTERESTED IN PERFORMING YOUR OWN – FREE – GROMACS SIMULATIONS IN THE GROMACS CLOUD, then please contact us at https://www.theubercloud.com/help.

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