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UberCloud Voice August 2014

Two ways to upgrade your workstation

Graph_opt_620Workstation performance and capacity increase up to 6-fold every three years, the same way as your 3D models grow over this time, according to recent results from Lenovo demonstrated in the image on the right, copied from a report which is available through Desktop Engineering HERE. In addition to regularly upgrading your workstation, the second way of getting to additional high-performance compute capacity is in using computing on demand, at your finger tip, in the cloud. One of the most recent articles in Desktop Engineering about CAE in the Cloud describes this option in more detail.

NSF Rolls Out Innovative Cloud Testbeds

CloudLab-logoThe National Science Foundation (NSF) announced funding for two cloud testbeds, named “Chameleon” and “CloudLab.” A total award of $20 million to be split evenly between the projects will enable the academic research community to create and experiment with novel cloud architectures and potentially transformative applications. Along with developing next-generation cloud systems, the programs emphasize the importance of forward-looking applications related to medical devices, power grids, and transportation systems. Both “Chameleon” and “CloudLab” are underway and will ramp up over the next two years. Read more in HPCwire HERE.

Box Powers Cloud Collaboration for Leading Life Sciences Organizations


LOS ALTOS, Calif.– Box today announced that leading pharmaceutical and life sciences organizations Jazz Pharmaceuticals and Boston Scientific Corporation have recently chosen Box as their primary platform for managing and collaborating on content. These companies join Box’s growing pharmaceutical and life sciences customer base, which includes AstraZeneca, Eli Lilly and Company, Edwards Lifesciences and others. “For companies like Boston Scientific, the ability to securely store and access content across a vast network of employees and platforms is invaluable.”

Wolfgang Gentzsch on the Changing Landscape for ISC Cloud’14

rich-150x150Wolfgang Gentzsch, UberCloud FounderThe ISC Cloud Conference returns to Heidelberg next month. Rich Brueckner (left) caught up with conference chair Wolfgang Gentzsch to learn more. ““While today business Clouds are easy to access and use, R&D Clouds have not yet reached this level, with their sophisticated applications and architectures. It’s a similar difference with business applications versus HPC applications; it takes a few hours to start using a CRM application on Salesforce.com’s platform, while it still might take a week or two for an engineer to get an application with ANSYS Fluent or Simulia’s Abaqus up and running in the Cloud.” Read the full interview HERE.

DoE Grant to Bolster Welding Simulation in the Cloud


The U.S. Department of Energy has awarded Engineering Mechanics Corporation of Columbus (Emc2) and its partners $1 million to develop a cloud-based tool that will simulate welding processes employed in the manufacture of metallic products. “Small and mid-sized manufacturing firms need improved weld-fabrication processes to ensure improved quality at lower costs to remain globally competitive,” said Frederick “Bud” Brust, Ph.D., senior research leader at Emc2. “A sophisticated high performance computing based tool will be accessible to SMM firms on a supercomputer center to easily permit use of these tools at affordable prices.” Read the full article at insideHPC.

Academic HPC and Cloud Services Start to Blur

Michael ReschAt the fifth ISC Cloud Conference this September, the Stuttgart HPC Center (HLRS) director Michael Resch will present the keynote on HPC & Simulation in the Cloud – How Academia & Industry Can Benefit. This keynote is of special interest to cloud skeptics, given that prior to 2011, Resch himself was a vocal cloud pessimist. He had characterized cloud computing as hype about three years ago and predicted it would eventually go away.

Wolfgang Gentzsch, Chairman of the ISC Cloud Conference and President of the UberCloud caught up with Resch who explained why he has come to think much more favorably of HPC cloud in recent years. Read the full interview with Michael Resch on HPCwire HERE.

Consider CAE in the Cloud

Team 99 - 2

The benefits that engineers and scientists can expect from using technical computing in research, design and development processes can be huge: Cost savings, shorter time to market, better quality, less product failures, to name a few.

In this article, you can find details on the benefits of CAE in the Cloud for your business along with the details of four projects which took advantage of this technique.

Read the Consider CAE in the Cloud article at Desktop Engineering website

Register Now for ISC Cloud and ISC Big Data Conferences

ISC_cloud_logoISC’14 in Leipzig was a good opportunity for Wolfgang Gentzsch, Chairman of ISC Cloud, and Sverre Jarp, Chairman of ISC Big Data, to announce their upcoming conferences in September (29-30) and October (1-2) in Heidelberg, Germany. ISC Cloud starts with a tutorial about hands-on getting into the Cloud, learning every step from your workstation or desktop, going into the Cloud and getting data back. The conference continues with research and industry sessions presented by experienced end users, resource and software providers who report about their expertise with the Cloud, so that participants can go home with a bag full of lessons learned and recommendations. See the ISC Cloud Website and Registration HERE.

Webinar on July 31st: CFD Simulation in the Autodesk Cloud

Team 142 - 1

Case Study Recording: CFD Simulation in the Autodesk Cloud

In this webinar, which took place July 31, we are looking at case study where Mark A. Lobo, P.E. from Lobo Engineering PLC used cloud computing to simulate a severe service control valve with Autodesk’s cloud-enabled Simulation CFD software. Mark talks about his application and the end-to-end process of preparing the application on his workstation, sending the data to the Autodesk cloud, performing many simulations, getting results back to his workstation, and finally performing the visualization and evaluation. Jon den Hartog, Autodesk Sr. Product Line Manager, explains the software, resources, and support provided along the way. See the webinar recording HERE.

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