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UberCloud Voice July 2014

PLEASE VOTE NOW: UberCloud for 2014 HPCwire Readers Choice Award

Dear Colleagues: Please nominate UberCloud for the 2014 HPCwire Readers’ Choice Award! The annual awards are a way to recognize the best innovators within the HPC community. Nominations will close on August 22.  Answering the 3 questions will take not more than 30 seconds.  Please enter the nomination questionnaire HERE, and provide the following answers:HPCwire
1. For which category would you like to make a nomination?     Answer: Best use of HPC in the Cloud
2. Which organization etc. would you like to nominate for this category?     Answer:     The UberCloud
3. Please give an (up to) 120 word description on why this organization should be considered for this award.  Answer (copy & past into questionnaire): UberCloud provides an online community, experiment, education, and marketplace for engineers to discover, try, and buy compute power, application software, and expertise on demand, in the Cloud. This way, UberCloud contributes to the democratization of HPC for the wider masses.

PS: With the 2013 UberCloud Compendium of HPC Cloud case studies, UberCloud has been the winner of the 2013 Award, thank you all very much! The 2013 Compendium, and the 2014 Compendium are available for download.

Webinar on July 31st: CFD Simulation in the Autodesk Cloud


Case Study: CFD Simulation in the Autodesk Cloud

Simulation has the potential to accelerate product development, yet in some cases computational demands make large scale tests and comparisons impractical. Many engineers are looking to the cloud for on demand, elastic computing capacity that can be applied to these problems to virtually test and optimize their designs faster and more efficiently.

Test Valve

In this webinar, we’ll have a look at a real life case study where Mark A. Lobo, P.E. from Lobo Engineering PLC used cloud computing to simulate a severe service control valve with Autodesk’s cloud-enabled Simulation CFD software.

In this session Mark talks about his application and the end-to-end process of preparing the application on his workstation, sending the data set to the Autodesk cloud, performing the many simulations, getting the data back to his workstation, and finally performing the visualization and evaluation of the results. Jon den Hartog, Autodesk Sr. Product Line Manager, will explain the software, resources, and support provided along the way.

Event Schedule:
Thu, Jul 31, 2014 8:00 AM – 9:00 AM Pacific Time

Please register for this UberCloud TechTalk today. We hope to see you all in the audience.

Register Now for ISC Cloud and ISC Big Data Conferences


ISC’14 in Leipzig was a good opportunity for Wolfgang Gentzsch, Chairman of ISC Cloud, and Sverre Jarp, Chairman of ISC Big Data, to announce their upcoming conferences in September (29-30) and October (1-2) in Heidelberg, Germany. ISC Cloud starts with a tutorial about hands-on getting into the Cloud, learning every step from your workstation or desktop, going into the Cloud and getting data back. The conference continues with research and industry sessions presented by experienced end users, resource and software providers who report about their expertise with the Cloud, so that participants can go home with a bag full of lessons learned and recommendations. See the video with Wolfgang Gentzsch and Sverre Jarp HERE.

HPC2014: From Clouds and Big Data to Exascale and Beyond

Just in case you have missed the prestigious HPC Workshop in Cetraro, Calabria, our UberCloud Expert Jose Luis Vazquez-Poletti, Assistant Professor in Computer Architecture at Complutense University of Madrid, in his HPCwire article provides a nice summary of the conference highlights. This International Advanced Research Workshop has become a leading reference after being celebrated for more than 20 years. You can blame Lucio Grandinetti (Professor at the University of Calabria) and his team, who started all of this and managed to put together, year after year, the best of the computing think tank. This edition’s motto was very tempting: “From Clouds and Big Data to Exascale and Beyond”.


Advancing Drug Discovery with HPC Cloud

Cycle-one-drug-cost-200x129In order to develop a new drug the average pharmaceutical company spends about one billion dollars over ten years. This is an untenable situation for those with serious illnesses who don’t have the luxury of time. That’s why high-performance computing, which has been shown to dramatically accelerate the pace of discovery, is so critical to the domain of bio-medicine. In her HPCwire article, Tiffany Trader describes how Novartis Institutes for Biomedical Research uses the advantages of using HPC in the fight against diseases like cancer. In a presentation at the 2014 AWS Summit in New York, Novartis detailed how it has used the Amazon cloud and Cycle Computing’s CycleCloud (a 2014 Bio-IT World Best of Show winner; see Cycle’s UberCloud Exhibit HERE) to orchestrate HPC environments across AWS, to identify promising drug compounds. Read the HPCwire article HERE.

A Map to Simulation on the Cloud


Many people use the generic word “cloud” to describe a specific implementation: remote hardware, browser-based software, public servers, private servers, thin clients, thick clients, virtualization and so on. Some are fierce opponents; some are early adopters. Others sit on the fence. Whichever camp you may belong to, it’s important to recognize that the cloud exists in various permutations. In his great educational article, Kenneth Wong looks into different flavors of cloud computing: Software as a Service, Simulation as a Service, Platform for Hire, Flexible Licensing, Hardware as a Service, and finally the Integrated Approach. As examples he provides insight into cloud providers such as Autodesk, CD-adapco, Ciespace, Rescale, and SimScale. Read Kenneth’s article in Desktop Engineering HERE.

Uday Subbarayan on SaaS on Cloud vs SaaS on Datacenter


In his recent LinkedIn Blog on Software as a Service (SaaS) on Cloud vs Datacenter, Uday Subbarayan, Vice President of Cloud Engineering at our UberCloud partner Ciespace Corporation is sharing his experience on building both SaaS on Amazon AWS and SaaS on Datacenter. He defines Datacenter as “rent a floor space from someone like CoreSite”  and  Cloud as “rent IaaS from someone like AWS”. It is important to understand the key difference between these two approaches. There are pros and cons for each approach. Uday’s suggestion is to build SaaS on Cloud first until there is a product/market fit. Read Uday’s Blog HERE.

Ganesh Visavale on Career Path to CFD Engineer


In recent years, there has been growing interest by various engineering product companies to perform design simulation studies at different stages of product development to compete in the market. This has resulted in increased requirement of skilled CFD engineers and proved to be a good career opportunity for engineers aspiring to make a career in domains like heat transfer and fluid flows. However there seems to be some confusion in the student community as to what skills are desired for a fresher to qualify. Our UberCloud Partner Ganesh Visavale, co-founder and general manager at LearnCAx in his Blog shares career guidelines and suggestions for a CFD engineer career.

Video Announcement of the UberCloud Marketplace and AppStore

2014-06-17 03.19.36 pmAt the ISC’14 Conference in Leipzig, Wolfgang Gentzsch announced the UberCloud Marketplace. He introduced the new UberCloud Marketplace and Appstore to Primeur Magazine. Engineers and scientists can buy at their fingertips complete bundled solutions in the Cloud, on demand. On the UberCloud Marketplace, you can buy OpenFOAM on Amazon, for instance, 24 hours on 32 cores for $199. You can click on it, this offer goes into your shopping cart, and you pay per credit card. As soon as you have made the payment you receive an e-mail with the link to ‘your’ Cloud, and to your application software in the Cloud. See more information and the video HERE.

NICE Launches Remote Visualization in the Cloud


Our UberCloud member NICE has been delivering grid- and cloud-based solutions for 17 years, aimed at enhancing user productivity and optimizing computing resources. The company’s NICE Desktop Cloud Visualization (DCV) product provides remote access to 2D/3D interactive applications over a standard network. Now through a partnership with our UberCloud member Amazon Web Services, potential users can test drive DCV in the EC2 cloud. AWS Test Drive showcases the performance of NICE DCV using AWS graphics-accelerated G2 instances, which enable demanding visual applications to operate smoothly in the cloud. See a demo on HPCwire.

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