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UberCloud Voice July 2015

Expanding the Search for CFD Solutions

CFD Solutions

Navier-Stokes, Euler, Boltzmann and other equations can be used to describe the behavior of fluid flow, but in the early days, solving those equations was limited by processing and memory resources. A handful of approaches worked, so people stuck with them. Today’s parallel processors, expanded memory structures and improved graphics have allowed developers to revisit some of the older intractable solutions. Add in more pre-processing approaches and customized user-interface options, and you’ll find a broad range of CFD analysis choices. Pamela Waterman in her article in Desktop Engineering picks a few CFD companies which might not yet be widely known, like Convergent Science, Flownex, Hanley Innovations, Phoenix Analysis and Design Technologies, blueCAPE, KARALIT, Metacomp Technologies, Next Limit Technologies, Symscape, and TotalSim.

Sim4Design: Pay-As-You-Go Structural Simulation for Early Design

Sim4DesignResearch has shown that 90 percent of product defects are related to mistakes made early in the design stage, and 10 percent are due to manufacturing issues. Also, as per the “rule of ten,” it costs 10 times more for an engineering change at the next phase of the product development. This research indicates that most project delays and cost increases associated with a product can be attributed to and controlled in the early phase of the design cycle to get maximum savings. But simulation software is usually expensive and complex. And here comes Sim4Design: Sim4Design offers a cloud-based simulation product for users and designers who may have little or no knowledge of simulation. Its offerings are based on addressing two main issues associated with adoption of simulation: complexity, and the high cost of ownership associated with large-scale adoption of simulation among small- and medium-size manufacturers. Read more HERE.

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