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UberCloud Voice June 2015

UberCloud celebrates 30th store on its online marketplace

Shopping MallJust 6 months after officially opening its online Marketplace to the engineering and scientific community UberCloud welcomes its 30th store, from the Microsoft Azure Cloud. This store offers three services for now, with more to come. With one click you can run OpenFOAM on your Azure instance of choice (A, D, and G instances) with OpenFOAM pre-installed on Linux and with MPI pre-configured. The store also offers free webinar trainings. The second service “Request a Custom Quote” connects you directly with the Azure team to build your very personal cloud service. And the third service consists of the well-known UberCloud experiments which in this context you can request to collaborate with the Azure team on one of your projects. Other stores are from Amazon AWS, ANSYS, Autodesk, Bull, CD-adapco, CST, ESI-Group, NICE, Nimbix, OpenFOAM, and more. The UberCloud Marketplace can be entered HERE.

ISC Workshop on Docker Containers for HPC and HPC Cloud

DockerAt this year’s ISC Conference in Frankfurt July 12 – 16 a Workshop on “Docker: User-Friendly Application & Service Containers for HPC Environments” will take place on Thursday afternoon. The organizers Christian Kniep from QNIB, Jérôme Petazzoni from Docker Inc., Andreas Schmidt from Cassini, Nishant Agrawal from Tata Consultancy Services, and Wolfgang Gentzsch from the UberCloud will introduce into Docker and Docker Services, software development, testing & verification, containers for HPC workloads, and demos and use cases. Jerome Petazzoni, one of the fathers of Docker, will chat about the history of the Docker company and technology. See the detailed agenda HERE.

ANSYS and Fujitsu partner to accelerate simulation for Chiyoda with ANSYS HPC Pack licensing in the cloud

Team 94“Chiyoda was challenged to complete very large simulations, within short time frames, to meet customer needs. With an overtaxed IT infrastructure, we needed a flexible approach that would provide extra computing capacity on an ongoing basis. ANSYS recommended that Chiyoda partner with Fujitsu Ltd. to maximize its ANSYS HPC Pack licenses and leverage additional computing capacity. Today, by using 32 parallel cores via Fujitsu’s Technical Computing Cloud, processing speeds are 2 times faster than if simulations were run in our own IT environment,” said Kyoji Ishikawa, Lead Engineer, Chiyoda Corporation. The two-phase CFD use case was about an evaluation of the rate of gas entrainment due to liquid flow in the liquid storage facility for an energy plant. Read the full case study of this UberCloud Team 94 Experiment HERE.


CloudFlow and UberCloud Announce Joint Effort to Bring Cloud Services to the Engineers Workplace

cloudflowJune 18, 2015 – The EU funded project CloudFlow and the UberCloud today announce their close cooperation in the areas of community, technology and joint marketing. Both partners agree that their major task currently is building one community around engineering cloud service with members benefiting from cloud-related information, experimentation, and using cloud services for their daily business, on demand, as needed. Another major joint task is facilitating ease of access and use of high-performance cloud resources. See the detailed announcement HERE.

DYNAmore and LS-Dyna in the CPU 24/7 Cloud

Team 170

At this year’s European LS-Dyna Conference in Wurzburg Germany June 15 – 17 we are presenting the UberCloud Experiment use case #175 about Simulating Car Frontal Impact with LS-Dyna in the Cloud. Team members Stefan Castravete from Caelynx Europe, ROMANIA, Uli Göhner from DYNAmore, and Thomas Gropp, Alexander Heine,  and  Christian Unger from cloud resource provider CPU 24/7 performed a Finite Element Analysis of a full Toyota Yaris Sedan car model with frontal airbag consisting of 1.5 million finite element in the cloud, on 6, 12, and 24 CPU cores. The end-user achieved an order of magnitude improvement in time and in system memory compared to his 4-core workstation runs. See the presentation  SLIDES and the CASE STUDY.

Autodesk Webinar: Can a Defense Contractor use PLM in the Cloud? – June 24, 2015

autodesk171-3VACCO industries provides flow control technology for defense and space applications. These innovative solutions are mission critical for customers like the US Navy and Boeing’s new Space Launch System. VACCO takes advantage of the benefits of PLM in the Cloud while still meeting their compliance requirements. In this webinar you will hear from the PLM Project Manager at VACCO about how this 465 person company leverages the flexibility of cloud-based solutions to deliver their engineering innovations. See details and register HERE.

Rescale Launches ScaleX Enterprise for Turn-Key Deployment of Cloud HPC and Simulation Platform


Rescale, an industry leader in computer aided engineering (CAE) simulation and high performance computing (HPC), announced availability today of the innovative cloud HPC and simulation solution ScaleX TM Enterprise. ScaleX Enterprise is Rescale’s secure and flexible solution for enterprise companies, combining its award-winning engineering simulation platform with a powerful administrative portal and comprehensive developer toolkit. ScaleX Enterprise is designed for CIOs and IT professionals to instantly and securely deploy elastic hardware and software resources, supplementing their existing on-premise computing infrastructure while maintaining full control across the entire IT stack. Read the full announcement HERE.


cloudflowThe second OPEN CALL for additional Application Experiments within the EU-funded CloudFlow project will be open from June 30 to September 30 2015 with 1 Mio Euro budget available for future project partners!  Application Experiments shall be rooted in computational technology for manufacturing and engineering industries, preferably SMEs, giving them affordable access to Cloud technologies. Priority will be given to innovative product development and products, such as mechatronic systems and cyber-physical systems, including, e.g., multi-domain simulation (mechanics, electronics, software, fluid dynamics, acoustics, etc.). CloudFlow will continue to bring forward new knowledge. For details see www.eu-cloudflow.eu where the Open Call is published.

Video: Introduction to Docker in 7 Minutes


In HPC, there are often complex customer workloads that depend on multiple packages, libraries, and operating environments. This makes it difficult to provide customer workload resource guarantees, performance isolation, application encapsulation, repeatability, and compliance. While VMs provide a great deal of flexibility when working in heterogeneous environments, Docker containers are primarily focused on applications and their dependencies. “Docker is an open-source engine that automates the deployment of any application as a lightweight, portable, self-sufficient container that will run virtually anywhere,” explains Docker Founder and CTO Solomon Hykes. See his 7-minute video HERE.

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