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UberCloud Voice June 2014

Save the date: ISC Cloud and ISC Big Data Sept 29 – Oct 2 in Heidelberg


Join us at the next ISC Cloud Conference for HPC, engineering & scientific apps, architectures, and tools in public, private, and hybrid clouds, Sept 29-30 in Heidelberg, Germany. Topics will be: a hands-on tutorial: How to Access Cloud Resources from my Desktop; Industry & Research: Real End-User Case Studies: Secrets about their Success; Technical Clouds: Challenges & Solutions; Application Software Providers and Clouds: They Finally Move; EU Supports Cloud R&D: BonFIRE, CloudFlow, CloudSME, EGI, Fortissimo, and Helix Nebula.  AND, the conference program is available here. You might also be interested in the 2-day ISC Big Data Conference which follows ISC Cloud.

Drive Automotive Innovation with Realistic Simulation


Minimizing NVH (noise, vibration and harshness) is a big deal for automotive manufacturers. It’s one of the many reasons why the automotive industry is such a heavy user of FEA (finite element analysis), multiphysics and other optimization technologies. Simulation can help you improve designs and product quality efficiently and cost-effectively. Simulation can lead to more innovation and provide a boost to your return on investment. Still, analyzing for NVH is as much of an art as it is an engineering challenge. Today’s Desktop Engineering Check it Out link takes you to the “Driving Automotive Innovation with Realistic Simulation” landing page created by Dassault SIMULIA. Here you’ll have access to a set of four technical briefs that can help you become more artful when analyzing for NVH.

Exploring Life Sciences in the Cloud

Team 61The article describes several experiments with life science applications in the Cloud. The experiment teams have written summary case studies about their experiments describing their application, the benefits for using the Cloud, the process to get into the Cloud, challenges and their solutions, and lessons learned and recommendations. Applications explored in the Cloud are 1. The oncogenic mechanism of two commonly expressed PI3Kα mutants by studying their conformational changes with molecular dynamics (MD) simulations; 2. Cardiovascular medical device simulations in the Cloud; 3. Next generation sequencing data analysis; and 4. performance analysis of GROMACS molecular dynamics for simulating enzyme substrate in the Cloud. Read more here.

The UberCloud Experiment Continues…

Team 142 - 1

Jun 16, 2014 – Improved product quality, faster time to market and ultimately increased ROI have long been associated with the adoption of HPC tools. The benefits that engineers and scientists can expect from using technical computing in their research, design and development processes can be huge. This article discusses benefits and challenges with using workstations, clusters, and HPC Clouds. It describes how the UberCloud Experiment explores these challenges and describes solutions. Finally, examples from cancer research, enzyme substrate complexes, jet engine high pressure compressor assembly, and flow control valve are presented.  Read more…

And,  we’d like to invite our community to submit their ideas about experiments to us for Round 6 of the UberCloud Experiments HERE.

UberCloud Announces Technical Computing Marketplace and AppStore

2014-06-17 03.19.36 pmJune 23, 2014  – Today, UberCloud announces the addition of its Marketplace and AppStore where engineers and scientists can discover, try and buy the computing power, software, and expertise on demand they need for their compute and data-intensive tasks. The customer registers at UberCloud, and either selects an all-in-one packaged service (specific application software bundled with cloud hardware, paid by credit card) or completes a form to “Request a Quote from Resource Providers”. UberCloud takes care of the rest: automatically searching for suitable resource providers; collecting up to three quotes and sending them to the customer; then the customer is free to contact any or all of them to discuss the details. See the full announcement here.

Global HPC Market to Reach $38.1 Billion by 2018

2010-9-Intersect360_logoThe worldwide HPC market will grow at a 4.6% compound annual growth rate over the next four years in spite of mixed market messages from vendors, according to Intersect360 Research’s newly released Worldwide High Performance Computing 2013 Total Market Model and 2014–18 Forecast.


UberCloud receives award for “Most Innovative Technology”

The UberCloud presented and exhibited at this year’s conference on Data to Drugs & Diagnostics in New Jersey June 11 and 12, the BioPharma Research Council‘s first major conference, following a history of forums and symposia that have stimulated cross-silo discussion since 2009. The D2D Committee interviewed and nominated exhibitors in the categories of Collaboration Enabler, Most Innovative Technology, and Technology that Solves a Unique Problem. After receiving the HPCwire Readers Choice Award for best HPC cloud implementation in November 2013, we are now very proud to announce that UberCloud received the D2D award for the Most Innovative Technology.


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