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UberCloud Voice November 2015

EGI-UberCloud Partnership – Bridging Research and Innovation

EGIEGI is proud to announce a collaboration with UberCloud based on a shared vision to embrace distributed computing, storage and data related technologies. The agreement is grounded on a joint commitment to increase IT resources in order to speed up time to market and enable development and innovation of new and more competitive products and services. EGI is a federation of more than 350 resource centres across 50 countries, with a mission to enable innovation and new solutions for many scientific domains to conduct world-class research and achieve faster results. EGI provides more than 40,000 users with both technical and human services, from compute, storage and data management, to consultancy and support. Read the collaboration details HERE.

Glosten uses Numeca FINE/Marine in the Cloud for optimizing containership hulls

Team 181 GlostenGlosten Inc. is a Seattle-based consulting engineering firm comprised of naval architects, marine engineers, electrical engineers and ocean engineers. Design experience includes tugs, barges, research vessels, cruise vessels, passenger/car ferries, and special-purpose platforms. In this UberCloud Experiment #181 Glosten calculated the barehull resistance of a containership in the cloud. The purpose of this project was to become familiar with the mechanics of running a FINE/Marine simulation in an UberCloud software container and to assess the performance of the available hardware compared to resources currently used by the end-user. Download the case study which describes challenges, benchmarks, and conclusions HERE.

Microsoft at SC’15: “Yes, we support Linux” in the Azure Cloud

Microsoft AzureIn light of the recent Supercomputing Conference in Austin TX a Microsoft blog confirmed that “on Microsoft Azure, we are committed to supporting the operating systems, job schedulers, applications, tools, databases, and devices you use. Linux is part of our everyday work in the Azure Big Compute team. We are building an enterprise ready, intelligent cloud with True HPC capabilities. We work with partners across the industry to have world class performance, scalability, and support for the applications and tools you run. And we are pushing the state of art in modern, cloud-native applications for greater agility and lower cost to operate.” The Blog also mentions that “UberCloud has made STAR-CCM+ v10 available and pre-configured with a Linux desktop, MPI, and support for Power on Demand licensing.”  Read the Microsoft blog HERE.

NUMECA Steps into the Era of Software as a Service with UberCloud Containers

Numeca 200Nov. 10, 2015 – NUMECA and UberCloud announce the release of NUMECA’s complete suite of Computational Fluid Dynamics (CFD) software powered by UberCloud application software containers, now also available as a service in any cloud. All major NUMECA software packages such as FINE/Marine, FINE/Turbo, FINE/Acoustics, FINE/Design3D, AutoMesh, and FINE/Open are now also available in an UberCloud Container running on any server and in any cloud. “When we came across UberCloud’s new application container technology and containerized all our CFD software packages we were surprised about the ease of use and access to any computing system on demand”, said Professor Charles Hirsch, President and founder of NUMECA International, and world-renowned CFD expert. Read the announcement HERE.

Cloud Platform FlyElephant starts to support R, Python and public API

FlyElephantStarting from October 31, 2015 FlyElephant supports R, Python and public API for the participants of its beta testing program. FlyElephant is the Platform-as-a-Service for scientists analyzing data and making simulations of different processes. Elastic multi-core systems, HPC and GPU clusters, software, services, templates, algorithms and data collections are now available in one place. FlyElephant automates routine tasks and helps scientists to focus on core problems solving. The platform is available in public beta for early adopters. Users can sign up for FlyElephant Beta Testing Program and get next benefits: free access, availability of new features. Read more details on the FlyElephant website HERE.

UberCloud Delivers CAE as a Service with Univa Grid Engine Container Edition

Containers 1Nov 3, 2015 – UberCloud announces a complete management and execution environment for UberCloud Application Containers powered by Univa Grid Engine Container Edition. Now, popular commercial and open source technical applications are available in ready-to-execute packages of software designed to deliver the tools that engineers need to complete their task in hand. Popular commercial and open-source tools are pre-installed, configured, and tested, in UberCloud Containers, and are run on bare metal, without loss of performance. Featured containers include application software from ANSYS, CD-adapco, Gromacs, NICE DCV, Numeca, OpenFOAM, PSPP, Scilab, and many more to come. Read the InsideHPC article HERE.

Simulation Any Time, Anywhere – Interviews with SimScale and UberCloud

SimScaleThe way that engineers simulate is changing. In the last few years, more technology and software has emerged making the necessary toolsets more accessible for non-analysts. But it’s not just the software that’s changed; the way companies are structuring their offerings has also shifted. Engineers and firms can now purchase software and hardware as a service — offering flexibility, accessibility and mobility. Because they can use software, servers and the cloud as little or as often as they need, engineers can get a taste of programs or toolsets that might not be accessible otherwise. This has become more common for CAE platforms as engineers are bringing simulation further forward in the design process. In this Desktop Engineering feature the author Jessica Lulca discusses these aspects with two representatives of the wider cloud application provider community: SimScale and UberCloud. Read more information mainly based on these interviews  HERE.

Help for HPC in the Cloud

DE Nov15In this well-researched Desktop Engineering feature author Beth Stackpole provides an actual overview and insight in recent CAE in the Cloud developments. Although cloud acceptance among engineers is still slow due to a few roadblocks like security, licensing, and data transfer (most of them don’t really exist anymore, like security for example) there are more and more engineers and service providers seriously considering or even actively exploring cloud computing for faster and better simulations. Also, the big four (Amazon AWS, Microsoft Azure, IBM Softlayer, and Google Cloud) offer mostly cloud resources which are suitable for enterprise applications but not so for HPC. Here the smaller ’boutique’ HPC Cloud providers like Gompute, Nimbix, and Sabalcore have a good chance to grow into the HPC user community. Read the article HERE.

ANSYS and Fujitsu Partner to Accelerate Simulation in the Cloud for Chiyoda Corporation in Japan

Team 94Chiyoda Corporation, a leading Japanese engineering company, relies on ANSYS Fluent to attack a variety of engineering challenges for clients in the global energy business. Chiyoda’s internal IT resources were too overtaxed to process large, complex simulations quickly. To create a more flexible IT infrastructure — and make the most of Chiyoda’s ANSYS HPC Pack licenses — ANSYS introduced Chiyoda to Fujitsu Ltd., a strategic partner offering cloud computing resources and expertise. Team 94 of the UberCloud Experiment explored ways to efficiently use cloud resources for Chiyoda’s demanding simulations – in this example simulating two-phase gas–liquid flows in an energy plant. Read this Desktop Engineering article HERE.

Silicon Valley incubator Plug & Play invites UberCloud to join its Internet of Things Innovation Platform

PlugPlayAfter sourcing 1,200 startups, Plug and Play Tech Center’s Internet of Things (IoT) Platform of Innovation has accepted 22 startups into its third batch of the program, among them UberCloud with its container technology built on Docker well-suited for the CAD and CAE part of IoT. The startups selected are creating solutions focused in automotive, industrial, and consumer fields. The current partners of the program include Bosch, Philips Lighting, and Munich Re. SC Johnson and Mercedes-Benz have joined the platform as partners for this third batch. These corporate partners will work side by side with the startups for three months through mentor sessions, structured deal review, pilots, investments, and even acquisitions. Article see HERE.

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