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UberCloud Voice September 2014

UberCloud to Host NICE Software Solutions in the UberCloud Marketplace

NICE-Test-Drive-DCV-200x126UberCloud Paving the Way to High Performance Computing as a ServiceUberCloud and NICE Software, a company dedicated to providing Technical Cloud Products and Solutions to customers worldwide, announce the development of Cloud-enabled NICE software solutions for the UberCloud marketplace. The announcement was shared at the annual ISC Cloud Conference, an event organizing researchers, engineers and consultants to discuss innovations in cloud computing. In this collaboration, both companies will offer cloud-enabled NICE DCV and EnginFrame, an advanced commercial grid portal used in a variety of industries. The two will offer professional support and integrate with application software vendors, such as ANSYS, in the cloud. See the full announcement HERE.

PLEASE Vote Now: UberCloud Among the 5 Finalists for HPCwire Award

HPCwireThanks to your great engagement in the August pre-election for the 2014 HPCwire Readers Choice Award, The UberCloud reached this year’s finals in the category of “Best Use of HPC in the Cloud”.

If you have not done yet, please vote again for the UberCloud Community which we all belong to. To do so, please go to the HPCwire Website,  click on the “Begin Now” button,  then scroll down to Category 8 (Best use of HPC in the cloud),  and check the box “The UberCloud Project for helping bring HPC to the wider masses”.  The deadline is October 3. Thank You!

What’s Still Missing for HPC Users in Manufacturing


We’ve heard quite a bit about the “missing middle” in high performance computing, particularly in reference to the manufacturing sector. However, for those manufacturers who have already adopted HPC hardware and tools into their environments, there are still some gaps—despite the obvious benefits and increasing investments some companies at the recent EnterpriseHPC event in Carlsbad described in great detail. During the HPC in Engineering panel moderated by NCSA’s Merle Giles, high performance computing leads at Rolls Royce, Cummins Inc., Mercury Marine, and others discussed the opportunities and pain points for their use of advanced modeling and simulation. Read Nicole Hemsoth’s article in HPCwire HERE.

UberCloud and Scientific Computing World Enter into Media Partnership

For the UberCloud to reach out to scientists and researchers in academia and research centers, The UberCloud and Scientific Computing World entered into a joint media partnership committing to cross-publish computing-relevant stories which are of interest to both communities. Scientific Computing World is a leading magazine for scientists, researchers and engineers who use technical computing in their work, thus nicely complementing the UberCloud’s focus on technical computing on demand, in the cloud.

Six Myths of HPC for Engineering Simulation

Based on many conversations with engineers at the recent ANSYS Convergence Conferences, Wim Slagter, Lead Product Manager for HPC at ANSYS, came across some myths and misconceptions about high-performance computing (HPC) for engineering simulation. In his blog he is sharing six really striking ones:Wim Slagter

  1. HPC is available on supercomputers only
  2. HPC is only useful for CFD simulations
  3. I don’t need HPC – my job is running fast enough
  4. Without internal IT support, HPC cluster adoption is undoable
  5. Parallel scalability is all about the same, right?
  6. HPC software and hardware are relative expensive

In this first blog, highlighted at insideHPC, Wim Slagter addresses the first 3 myths HERE.

Converging Interconnect Requirements for HPC and Warehouse Scale Computing

John Shalf NERSC

At the next San Francisco High Performance Computing Meetup, Wednesday September 17, 7:00 PM at Geekdom SF on 620 Folsom Street, San Francisco, John Shalf, CTO @ NERSC and Department Head for Computer Science for the Computing Research Division @ Lawrence Berkeley Lab, will talk about Converging Interconnect Requirements for HPC & Warehouse Scale Computing. This talk will discuss the emerging trends towards convergence of cloud and HPC interconnect requirements due to both market forces and increasingly aligned performance requirements. Please see details about John’s talk HERE. This event starts with a Welcome Reception and includes some time for socializing after John’s talk.

Researchers Merge Cloud Computing and Supercomputing

Dreher-VoukWe found a very interesting article from earlier this year from Tiffany Trader over at HPCwire describing  work from Patrick Dreher and Mladen Vouk at North Carolina State University in partnership with the Argonne Leadership Computing Facility (ALCF) who have successfully demonstrated a proof-of-concept for a novel high-performance cloud computing platform by merging a cloud computing environment with a supercomputer. The proof-of-concept implementations show that a fully functioning production cloud computing environment can be completely embedded within a supercomputer, thereby enabling the cloud’s users to benefit from the underlying HPC hardware infrastructure. See Tiffany Trader’s article in HPCwire HERE.

Take HPC to the cloud – in a container

IMG_6785Since the days of the early Beowulf Clusters in the late 1990s, esteemed colleagues in our engineering and science community have regularly predicted that High Performance Computing (HPC) for the masses was at the door. But the door has remained firmly shut. Beowulfs were so easy to build; grids connect every researcher to powerful supercomputers; and clouds offer computing on demand at your fingertips. But where are the masses of users? Haven’t they recognized that this massive compute power is there, just waiting for them? UberCloud’s Wolfgang Gentzsch – in this Opinion piece from Scientific Computing World –  provides an analysis of good reasons why he believes HPC is now available for a broader public, enabled among others, by brand-new container technology.

UberCloud CEO Burak Yenier at the San Francisco HPC Meetup

BurakA new San Francisco Meetup Group has been founded recently in the area of High Performance Computing. Their Kick-Off Meeting took place on August 20 at 19:00, on Rackspace premises in San Francisco. One of the speakers was UberCloud CEO Burak Yenier, who summarized the recent developments and achievements at UberCloud (i.e. the community, experiment, technology, and marketplace) and provided a demo about how the marketplace works behind the scene. Please see Burak’s presentation on YouTube HERE.



Chris Swan about the new Docker containers: Present and Future


Docker is an open source toolset for Linux containers designed to ‘build, ship and run’ distributed applications. It is the most important technology behind our UberCloud Marketplace. Last year in June we started enhancing Docker for high performance computing applications. Today, the UberCloud Marketplace engineering and scientific application codes are sitting in Docker Containers, ready for the end-user to be accessed on demand, in any Cloud, within seconds. Recently a nice piece about Docker has been written by Chris Swan, the CTO at CohesiveFT, a provider of cloud networking software. Chris article can be found HERE.

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