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Free Training from the UberCloud and our Partners

Webinar: OpenFOAM in the Cloud – An Easy Guide to Access and Use OpenFOAM on Cloud Resources, with a real-live Demo

Based on many recent engineering cloud experiments in this webinar we presented our experience, lessons learned and recommendations on how to best use cloud computing to accelerate your CFD design and product development. OpenFOAM on cloud resources scales well up to hundreds of cores, resulting in ten to hundred-fold speed-ups, and allows for much more complex geometries with very fine meshes processed in less time. We demonstrated these advantages with a real-live case study from our Team 194 about an “Aerodynamic Study of Airflow around an Airfoil in the EGI Cloud”, using OpenFOAM in an UberCloud container on a CESNET cluster in Prague as part of the European EGI cloud infrastructure. To engineers, this cloud resource looks like their home desktop computer. No need to learn anything new, and still their OpenFOAM job and the data can be accessed and used in the same way, at their fingertips. Watch the webinar recording on YouTube HERE: 

CFD Support Webinar

Webinar: What’s the Best Tool for My CAE Simulation: Workstation, Server, or Cloud?

WebinarFinding a computing structure for your CAE is overwhelming considering the vast provider options for HPC workstations, servers, and cloud computing.

In this live webinar, you will learn about:

  • – The pros, cons, challenges and costs of workstations vs. servers vs. cloud computing
  • – UberCloud CAE case studies on different computing options
  • – Computing resources, lessons learned and recommendations

Watch the replay of this Engineering.com sponsored Webinar from October 21, 2015, HERE.

Flash dryer simulation with ANSYS in the Cloud

In this webinar, Team 8 members of the UberCloud CAE Experiment discuss the benefits, challenges, and lessons learned of bringing the end-user’s engineering application to the compute cloud. In this experiment the team worked jointly on a real CFD application – a Flash Dryer Simulation with Hot Gas Used to Evaporate Water from a Solid.
Please log in to view the slides and the video recording of this webinar.

Sam Zakrzewski from FLSmidth
Wim Slagter from ANSYS
Wolfgang Gentzsch from the UberCloud

Download ANSYS Advantage article about this team
Ask the team members a question through the Team 8 Forums page

Engineering Simulation meets the Cloud

In this presentation Dennis Nagy talks about the impact of Cloud computing in the evolution of the engineering simulations market. He shares his insight on how and why Cloud computing will change how engineering simulations are done.

Dennis Nagy is an expert in CAE space. His experience spans R&D, university teaching, commercial software development, support, sales and marketing and executive management.

To view the slideshow please log in to your UberCloud account.


UberCloud Tech TalkUpcoming TechTalk:
Flash dryer simulation with ANSYS in the Cloud
Learn how HPC Experiment Team 8 used ANSYS in the Cloud for a flash dryer simulation with hot gas used to evaporate water from a solid.
Learn more about this TechTalk

Engineering Simulations: Where are we going?

Engineering Simulation is a 2 part webinar series discussing where the engineering simulation market has its roots, its current status and its future.

Part 1 was presented on February 12th and part 2 was presented on February 25th. The slides and video recording for both are available below (please log in to view).


Please log in to view this recorded webinar and the slide deck.

Free Training from the UberCloud


Past Events:

Feb 20, 2014, 11:00 AM PST, Wolfgang Gentzsch, The UberCloud: Collaboration in the Cloud. Webinar organized by the BioPharma Research Council, with speakers from Merck, Exostar, and UberCloud.

Feb 12, 2014, 08:00 AM PST, Dennis Nagy, BeyondCAE: Engineering Simulations 1 – Where we are, how did we get here 

Feb 25, 2014, 08:00 AM PST, Dennis Nagy, BeyondCAE: Engineering Simulations 2 – Where are we going?

Free Training from our Partners


April 1, 2014, CST STUDIO SUITE 2014: “New features for microwave, RF and optical simulation”. Update Webinar Series will demonstrate the new features and tools in the following application areas: EDA & EMC/EMI, Low Frequency and Microwave & RF and optics. Our first webinar will show how CST can help you achieve robust, integrated designs in high frequency applications. For more information on the CST Update Webinar Series and to register, visit here.

National Institute for Computational Sciences (NICS), offers a free online HPC seminar series via WebEX presented in 2014 on Tuesdays and Thursdays from 2:10 to 3:10 Eastern Time. No registration is required.


Past Events:

April 08, 2014, Wolfgang Gentzsch: UberCloud Computing Marketplace. Presentation the the Hannover Messe CAE Forum. Slides available soon from the CAE Forum website.

Feb 20, 2014, Ozen Engineering: FREE Tech Seminar: Introducing ANSYS Solutions for BioMed Industry. Sunnyvale, CA

Feb 04 and 06, 2014, ANSYS: How to Speed Up ANSYS 15.0 with GPUs

January 2014: openFOAM Hangout on Air #2 – Cloud Simulation, presentation by Dr Ferry Tap, Dacolt on the use of openFOAM with Cloud resources.  Slides available here.

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