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UberCloud Voice December 2018

UberCloud December 2018 Newsletter: Abaqus, ANSYS, Autodesk, Advania, Dassault, Deep Learning, Fraunhofer, HPC User Forum, HPE, Hyperion, Intel, Microsoft Azure, NIMHANS, PBBL Law, Renumics, SolidWorks, and Stanford

Norway ADL

The Growing Acceptance of CAE in the Cloud

In this Feature story in Digital Engineering, we are demonstrating with four recent engineering case studies, the growing acceptance of CAE, especially in new user communities and application areas. Major reasons for this trend are continuous improvements in user-friendly CAE software, the ongoing price/performance improvement in high-performance computing (HPC), and easy and affordable access to powerful computing in the cloud. We describe how simulation is being used for lawsuits in court, treating schizophrenia, in middle school education, and in deep learning.


Personalized Healthcare small

Accelerating Personalized Healthcare with HPC in the Cloud

Major factors contributing to the acceleration of personalized healthcare in recent years come from advances in HPC, data analytics, machine learning, and artificial intelligence, enabling scientists now to perform the most sophisticated simulations in genomics, proteomics, and many other fields, using methods like genome analysis, molecular dynamics, and more general computer aided analysis methods widely applied and proven in other areas of scientific and engineering modeling. In this article in Diagnostics World, we demonstrate the impact of computer simulations on personalized health care and present two research projects aiming at Stanford’s living heart and NIMHANS’ brain simulations.


Cloud HPC

Cloud HPC Executive Value Guide – How to Align Your Goals with Those of Your Executives

Experts universally agree on the positive business impact of cloud computing. But, convincing your executives requires more. They need to clearly understand the true value of cloud computing to your organization. In this guide, you’ll learn what every executive needs to know about the corporate value of cloud computing.


Team 211 -2

Deep Learning for Fluid Flow Prediction in the Cloud

In this article posted on LinkedIn we demonstrate the growing acceptance of HPC in new user communities and application areas. We present UberCloud / Renumics use case #211 on Deep Learning for Fluid Flow Prediction in the Advania Data Centers Cloud, for educational purposes, for our wider engineering simulation community. This project is another demonstration of the trend toward easy-to-use application software (in this case OpenFOAM) and the seamless access to HPC cloud resources based on UberCloud’s HPC Containers.


Hyperion 2018

UberCloud Wins Three Prestigious Awards for HPC in the Cloud

InsideHPC reports that, during the Hyperion Research’s HPC Market Update Breakfast Briefing at the 2018 Supercomputing Conference in Dallas, UberCloud, NIMHANS, and partners received the prestigious Innovation Excellence Award for its UberCloud Experiment and case study #200 based on “Computer simulations of non-invasive transcranial electro-stimulation of the human brain in schizophrenia.” Two more awards went to UberCloud’s case study #207 about PBBL Law’s Modelling Moisture and Moisture Transfer within a residential condo tower in the Microsoft Azure Cloud.


ADL Dec 2018

Comparing ANSYS Discovery Live with two Market Leaders

In this UberCloud Blog, I am summarizing an interesting article from Stewart Bible who discusses two established leaders – SolidWorks Flow Simulation from Dassault Systèmes and Inventor Autodesk CFD from Autodesk and Discovery Live, a relative newcomer from ANSYS. While none of these products have the full multi-physics capabilities of comprehensive CFD packages, they will be a good fit for users who desire CAD integration and have repeatable workflows and limited multi-physics requirements.


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