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Cloud computing guide for researchers – Real HPC with linear scaling on thousands of cores

ANSYS on AzureIf you need to run lots of computations, either as a large supercomputer simulation, or hundreds of smaller runs for a parameter sweep calculation, cloud computing can really help speed up your research. An HPC Cloud can scale to thousands of compute cores using Message Passing Interface (MPI) due to HPC-optimised, InfiniBand-enabled virtual machines (VMs). The availability of essentially limitless compute capabilities, on-demand, means that you can achieve more, in less time. No need to queue for your job to run, have your job priority lowered because you’ve run too many jobs, or compete with other users on a shared system. You also have full flexibility to install any software you like, without having to wait for someone else to do it for you. You can do real HPC in the public cloud today. Read this interesting blog from Dr. Kenji Takeda at Microsoft Research HERE.

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