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Elastic HPC Infrastructure: How non-hybrid HPC could be leaving customers behind

Gisli KrIn an interview published on the Advania Data Center (ADC) ‘s website, Gísli Kr., ADC’s Chief Commercial Officer, said: “HPC workloads, like the more traditional workload, is going to be variable and have workload spikes.The only reason why your in-house HPC workloads are flat is because you’ve maxed out on your HPC infrastructure. In fact, maybe we have yet to see the true workload spikes and workload trends in HPC, because everybody’s maxing out their local infrastructure all the time to avoid over investment.” And: “I certainly welcome feedback on the “elastic HPC infrastructure” insight. Some may agree, and some may disagree. But the overall trend going forward is certainly clear. Workloads are going to grow,” he says. “If you’re not thinking about Hybrid HPC at this point, then you’re starting to lag behind.” 

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