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In the Life Sciences group you can read about your colleagues’ projects and contact them through the forums. Below are our featured life sciences projects on HPC as a service; perhaps you will find some that are in your area of interest. If not you can see a list of all of our projects or create your own using the buttons at the bottom of this page.

Team 14: Electromagnetic Radiation and Dosimetry for High Resolution Human Body Phantoms and a Mobile Phone Antenna Inside a Car as Radiation Source


The use case is a simulation of electromagnetic radiation by mobile phone technology and dosimetry in human body phantoms inside a car model. The scenario is a car interior with seat and a highly detailed human body phantom with a hands-free mobile phone. Simulation software is CST Studio Suite. The transient solver of CST Microwave Studio was used during the experiment.
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Team Members

Carsten CimalaCarsten Cimala
Felix WolfheimerFelix Wolfheimer
Henrik NordborgHenrik Nordborg

other members

Team 26: Development of Stents for a Narrowed Artery


This project focused on simulating stent deployment using SIMULIA’s Abaqus/Standard solver and the Remote Visualization Software from NICE to run Abaqus/CAE on SGI’s Cyclone Cloud. The intent was to determine the viability of shifting similar work to the cloud during periods of full-utilization of in-house compute resources.
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Team Members

Tony DeVarcoTony DeVarco
Matt DunbarMatt Dunbar
Scott ShawScott Shaw

other members

Team 40: Simulation of Spatial Hearing


To produce directional sounds via headphones, one needs to use HRTF filters that “model” sound propagation in the vicinity of the ear. These filters can be generated using computer simulations, but, to date, the computational challenges of simulating the HRTFs have been enormous due to numerous factors.

Resources used by the team
Amazon Elastic Compute Cloud
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Team Members

Kuava Ltd.Kuava Ltd.
Ville PulkkiVille Pulkki
Marko HiipakkaMarko Hiipakka

other members

Team 61: Using Cloud Computing to Perform Molecular Dynamics Simulations of the Mutant PI3Kα Protein


The goal of our project is to gain insights into the oncogenic mechanism of two commonly expressed PI3Kα mutants by studying their conformational changes with Molecular Dynamics simulations, in comparison with the PI3Kα wild-type (normal, non-cancerous) protein.

Resources used by the team

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Team Members

Zoe CourniaZoe Cournia
Dominique DeharengDominique
GRNET Okeanos IaaS Cloud serviceGRNET
Okeanos IaaS
Cloud service

other members

Team 62: Cardiovascular Medical Device Simulations


Our project investigates flow through a patient-specific blood vessel and represents a typical use case of CFD for cardiovascular flow.

Resources used by the team
Ciespace Software
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Team Members

Mike SingerJMike Singer
Sanjay Choudhry/Ciespace CorporationSanjay Choudhry
Oleh KhomaOleh Khoma

other members


Coming Soon More Life Sciences Team Projects:

Team 70: Interactive Genomic Data Analysis in the Cloud
Team 88: Fluid flow in medical devices
Team 89: Simulations of Enzyme-Substrate reactions
Team 91: Genomic data analysis — post-variant calling data storage
Team 93: Bio science simulations in the Cloud
Team 111: Simulating cardiovascular flow past a medical device
Team 112: Clinical Cancer Genomic Pipeline
Team 117: Simulating complex interactions in Endovascular stent structure

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