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Living Heart Project: Using HPC in the Cloud to Save Lives

Burak Francisco smallThis talk at the Stanford HPC Conference has been presented jointly by Burak Yenier from UberCloud and Francisco Sahli from Stanford University’s Living Matter Lab. “Cardiac arrhythmia can be a potentially lethal side effect of medications. During this condition, the electrical activity of the heart turns chaotic, decimating its pumping function, thus diminishing the circulation of blood through the body. Before a new drug reaches the market, pharmaceutical companies need to check for the risk of inducing arrhythmias. Currently, this process takes years and involves costly animal and human studies. In this project, Stanford’s Living Matter Lab developed a software tool enabling drug developers to quickly assess the viability of a new compound. This means better and safer drugs to improve patients’ lives.” This video on insideHPC looks at how HPC in the Cloud is being used to prevent severe side effects and save lives.”

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