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Moving from Workstations to HPC — A Journey Worth Taking

ANSYS Fluent benchmark smallAs a CAE) analyst, you often push the limits of your desktop computer, constraining the size of your models and limiting the number of the simulations you can perform for any given project.  Moving beyond your desktop to a small HPC cluster is the first important step. Here’s why … The chart on the right side compares simulations times running the ANSYS Fluent 19 standard benchmark aircraft wing 14-million cell model on a single compute, two-processor server (1 node), up to a 72-node cluster configuration. At four nodes, for example, you see a four-times increase in speed. In essence, you could run the same benchmark on a 4-node cluster in 25 percent of the time it takes to run that same benchmark on a single node (or workstation). In his Blog, Tony DeVarco, HPE’s HPC, manufacturing vertical manager, explains how ANSYS, Hewlett Packard Enterprise, and TotalCAE are working together to bring down the barriers preventing the move from workstations to a small cluster either on-premise, or off-premise in the cloud.

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