UberCloud Sponsors

In 2013, Intel, Autodesk, and Bull were the first sponsors supporting the UberCloud Experiment. Their sponsorship funding enabled UberCloud to provide free services (information, communication, education, training, engineering cloud experiments, cloud case studies) to our engineering & science community related to technical computing. In the following years, Hewlett Packard Enterprise, Microsoft Azure, IDC, ANSYS, and NICE Software joined; stay tuned… And, if you are interested in learning more about the benefits which you enjoy as an UberCloud Sponsor, please visit our sponsorships page.

HPE Logo 2“In today’s increasingly competitive market, HPC organizations are seeking accelerated compute solutions to solve problems. HPE’s recent strategic alliance with Docker will help customers transform and modernize their datacenters to benefit from a more agile development environment. With UberCloud’s Docker-based HPC container solutions, HPE and UberCloud can jointly help our customers with HPC solutions for engineering and scientific applications with increasing ease of deployment.”

– Stephen R. Wheat, Director HPC Pursuits, Hewlett Packard Enterprise, 2016

Intel, UberCloud Sponsor

“It has been well documented that only a fraction of the SMB’s worldwide – who would benefit from HPC – actually have access to HPC technology. To address this challenge, Intel will collaborate with partners to train and mentor companies – to help bring the social and economic benefits of HPC to these communities. The Ann Arbor, Michigan-based UberCloud Experiment, awarded by HPCwire at SC 13, serves as a good example of these efforts.”

– Rajeeb Hazra, Ph.D, Vice-President, Data Center Group, General Manager, Technical Computing. Intel Corporation, in HPCwire 2014

“The potential market for HPC worldwide is much larger than what we see today. By addressing the barriers confronting the missing middle, like the UberCloud Experiment does, we are finding that we can indeed broaden the adoption of its capabilities within this underserved market segment. This initiative creates a virtuous cycle leading to the democratization of HPC – it’s making modeling and simulation available to the masses.”

– Stephen Wheat, Intel’s General Manager of High Performance Computing, 2013

UberCloud Sponsor, Autodesk

“Autodesk has always been dedicated to innovation, delivering new solutions and technologies that help our users across the industries we serve work more freely. Being part of the UberCloud experiment offers us the opportunity to reach even further into the world of HPC and connect with users to continue to learn and fine tune our Cloud-based offerings moving forward.”

– Robert “Buzz” Kross, Senior Vice President of Design, Lifecycle and Simulation at Autodesk

UberCloud Sponsor, BULL

“Bull has been providing HPC-as-a-Service to several high profile clients since the early 2000s. Bull brought together the necessary skills in hardware, software, hosting and networking to transfer an increasing number of HPC workloads to the Cloud. We regularly demonstrate to our clients that industrial and scalable Cloud HPC solutions are available and cost effective. We find UberCloud and its HPC Experiment as the perfect environment to validate our vision against a wider variety use cases, address remaining roadblocks, collaborate with experts from all around the world and help the HPC community learn about this wind of change.”

– Marc Levrier, HPC Cloud Solution Manager at Serviware, a Bull group Company

See the video with Marc Levrier about Bull sponsoring the UberCloud


“IDC market research shows that HPC in the Cloud is several years behind the general enterprise cloud trend, but it could show major growth in the future. The main reason being major roadblocks specifically with HPC in the Public Cloud, like software licensing, data transfer, performance issues and other high performance requirements. We are excited to see that The UberCloud HPC Experiment is tackling these roadblocks to help accelerate the acceptance of HPC in the Cloud.”

– Earl Joseph, IDC’s Vice President for HPC and Executive Director of the HPC User Forum

ANSYS logo w-blur

“We are pleased to participate in the UberCloud HPC Experiment so that our customers can explore the end-to-end process of partner-enabled cloud solutions for their simulation workload. This has already helped us to build out our Cloud Partner ecosystem providing ANSYS customers with seamless, flexible and secure access to ANSYS simulation and HPC resources.”

– Wim Slagter, Lead Product Manager, ANSYS

See Wim Slagter’s video interview in Primeur Magazine about ANSYS and Cloud Computing


“NICE Software is participating in the UberCloud experiments since the very beginning, supporting the experiments with NICE Desktop Cloud Visualization (DCV), an advanced technology that enables users to remotely access 2D/3D interactive applications efficiently over the network – similar to their local workstation. We believe that community initiatives like the UberCloud are contributing to the proliferation of Technical Computing, providing engineers and scientists easy and on demand access to powerful computing solutions.”

– Beppe Ugolotti, CEO NICE Software


“At NephoScale we launched our Cloud Platform with the vision of combining all the benefits of high performance baremetal servers with the flexibility afforded by Cloud Computing automation. Now by partnering with UberCloud we are able to bring together all the elements necessary for a complete HPC solution for the most demanding of customer workloads. Our customers value having access to a highly scalable environment that can be customized to meet their specific requirements.”

– Byron Wreaks, VP Business Development at NephoScale


“We at CloudFlow are very excited about the collaboration with UberCloud because we have very similar objectives, helping manufacturers to access and use powerful cloud computing resources for production and innovation. On the other hand we are perfectly complementing each-other by covering the whole spectrum of organizations from the ‘long tail’ of individual CAE consultants to small and medium enterprises.”

– Prof. Dr.-Ing. André Stork, Head of Competence Center for Interactive Engineering Technologies, Fraunhofer-Institut für Graphische Datenverarbeitung IGD & Coordinator of the CloudFlow Project – – –  The collaboration announcement is HERE.

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