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The Big Issues in Engineering Simulation-Democratization

Putting simulation into the hands of the non-expert is a subject that elicits much discussion within NAFEMS committees. NAFEMS aims to acts as an advocate for the deployment of simulation, however the concern is that if the capabilities are not controlled, errors and incorrect assumptions will lead to simulation being viewed with suspicion or to improper decisions. A crucial element is the relationship between the simulation expert and the non-expert, where the responsibility of the expert ends and the ability for the non-expert to be able to use simulation safely starts. This requires simulation experts to design smart simulation applications and is somewhat analogous to the traditional handbooks where experts would develop solutions in a parametric form and a working engineer didn’t have to know how those solutions were developed but would use a formula and perhaps some graphs in conjunction with the formula to come to some kind of a prediction. This article, written by Althea de Souza appeared first in NAFEMS April 2017 Benchmark Magazine. It is the first in a series of eight, looks at Democratization and is available HERE.

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