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UberCloud January Newsletter: ANSYS, CAE, Cloud, Containers, Docker, HPC, MCADCafe, Microsoft Azure, Security, and Simulation


Burak Yenier at PnP small

The Future of HPC

UberCloud CEO Burak Yenier writes in his latest blog that “High Performance Computing is changing and is no longer limited to running high volumes of batch jobs on an HPC only compute cluster. We are in the era of multi-purpose and embedded High Performance Computing which is closer to the users than ever before. Cloud computing brings HPC capabilities to the fingertips of app developers and their users become HPC consumers without even hearing the term. Read Burak’s Blog HERE.

CAE Containers

High Performance Computing in the Hands of Every Engineer With HPC Software Containers

High Performance Computing (HPC) continues to progress, and the next big step toward ubiquitous HPC is coming from software container technology based on Docker, facilitating software packaging and porting, ease of access and use, service stack automation and self-service, and simplifying software maintenance and support, as explained in this LinkedIn article.

CAE Simulations

How to Select a Cloud Provider for CAE Simulations?

Your simulations have exceeded the capabilities of your desktop workstation. Now what? Project workloads are only intensifying, requiring more computing resources than the IT department is willing to buy for your group. If only there was a cloud service for running simulations… David Waltzman is discussing in his Blog how to choose the right cloud for your specific CAE application and budget.


Why ANSYS Users Need the Cloud

Product development has changed over the last couple of years and is still evolving. Smarter and more customized products, new materials and manufacturing methods, and connected and interacting devices require current engineering practices to evolve. Alexander Gatzemeier describes in his article what this means for ANSYS users and how they can successfully include cloud computing for their ANSYS application.


UberCloud’s Industry Predictions 2019

In this short post on MCADCafe Wolfgang Gentzsch offers his view on how CAE is developing over the course of the year. There is a growing acceptance of Artificial Intelligence, Big Data, Industry 4.0, Digital Twins, 3D Printing, and Cloud Computing, fueled by the engineers’ desire to make their complex and demanding tools and techniques more applicable, economical, user-friendly, intuitive, and automatic, to be finally used by every engineer.

UberCloud Security small

UberCloud Security on Microsoft Azure

This UberCloud white paper covers the key areas of UberCloud security in detail and discussed Azure security principles. The primary areas of security including: Physical Security, System Security, Operational Security, Application and Data Security.

Rev-Sim Webinars small

REV-SIMs Virtual Coffee Break Webinar Snippets

Revolution in Simulation presents a new webinar series about democratizing HPC – Presenting selected CAE case studies”.  Part 1: Series Overview. Planned are 24 max 10-min-short recorded sessions in 2019 uploaded onto Rev-Sim’s YouTube Channel, so far Part 1: Democratizing HPC – Introduction; Part 2: BWAY Buckets; and Part 3: ANSYS for Bio Reactors.

Container Compendium small

21 New UberCloud Case Studies about Containerized CAE Projects

New UberCloud Compendium of Engineering Case Studies Using UberCloud HPC Containers in the Cloud. A selection of 21 UberCloud case studies from 2015 – 1018, all based on UberCloud HPC Docker containers. 117 pages and numerous figures, tables, and diagrams. Download this new Compendium from the UberCloud website.

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