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UberCloud Newsletter February 2019: AI, ANSYS, Automotive, CFD, Cloud Revenue, Containers, Human Brain, Life Sciences, Living Heart, LS-DYNA, and UberCloud


Cloud Revenue 2018

Cloud Revenues Approached $70B in 2018

Strong growth in the enterprise cloud market will also influence the HPC Cloud market. If there was any doubt about the shift to cloud computing, look no further than end-of-the-year revenue totals compiled by Synergy Research Group. The market watcher calculates that cloud providers racked up nearly $70 billion in infrastructure revenues during 2018. Read the article here: https://www.enterprisetech.com/2019/02/20/cloud-revenues-approached-70b-in-2018/


Rob Faber

How Cloud Computing Has Forever Changed HPC

Great article from Rob Faber, renowned Global Tech Consultant and Author. “This article was produced as part of Intel’s HPC program, with the goal of highlighting cutting-edge science, research and innovation driven by the HPC community through advanced technology.” Read the article: https://www.technologynetworks.com/informatics/articles/how-cloud-computing-has-forever-changed-hpc-315892




New UberCloud Compendium of 36 Case Studies in CFD in the Cloud

In this new Compendium we have collected 36 CFD case studies summarizing HPC Cloud projects which we have performed together with the engineering community over the last six years. Free download of the CFD Compendium at https://info.theubercloud.com/ubercloud-compendium-cfd


RevSim Web5

UberCloud Airbag Simulation with ANSYS LS-DYNA

Revolution in Simulation presents a new webinar series about “Democratizing HPC – Presenting Selected CAE Case Studies”.  Watch the most recent 8-minute Webinar Snippet of REV-SIM’s Virtual Coffee Break Webinars series from Bob Farrell, Alan Chalker, Wolfgang Gentzsch here: https://revolutioninsimulation.org/webinars/



Again: UberCloud Recognized with three HPC Industry Awards

Rich Bruckner from InsideHPC writes that “Today the UberCloud announced that it has been recognized in three leading HPC industry awards for two of its innovative engineering projects in the cloud. Read the article here: https://insidehpc.com/2019/02/ubercloud-recognized-with-three-hpc-industry-awards/



Webinar: Virtual Human Brain Simulations with Abaqus in the Cloud

Join Dassault Systèmes / Simulia, Advania Data Centers and UberCloud for a live webinar about our award winning project: HPC Cloud Simulation of Neuromodulation in Schizophrenia. Learn how simulation and high-performance computing in the cloud play a key role in accelerating personalized healthcare. Register for this webinar at http://info.theubercloud.com/webinar-brain-simulation-with-abaqus



HPC in the Hands of Every Engineer With Software Containers

In this insideHPC special guest feature, Wolfgang Gentzsch from The UberCloud writes that we’ve never been so close to ubiquitous computing for researchers and engineers. The next big step toward ubiquitous HPC is coming from software container technology based on Docker, facilitating software packaging and porting, ease of access and use, service stack automation and self-service, and simplifying software maintenance and support. Read the article: https://insidehpc.com/2019/02/hpc-in-the-hands-of-every-engineer-with-software-containers/


Living Heart

Powering life Sciences – The Living Heart Project

HPC is driving major breakthroughs in life sciences and becoming foundational to innovators’ success. Today, HPE is harnessing the extreme scalability of the cloud to maximize agility and scalability both on and off-premises with no HPC horsepower compromise. In order to support ground-breaking efforts like the Living Heart Project, HPE is building a network of worldwide and regional partners like UberCloud to deliver capabilities that are changing lives. Read the feature story from Jean-Luc Assor, HPE Worldwide Manager Hybrid HPC/HPC Cloud: https://cloud28plus.com/NA/article/Powering-Life-Sciences



Innovative Use of HPC in the Cloud for AI, CFD, & Life Science

In this video from the 2019 Stanford HPC Conference, Ebru Taylak from the UberCloud presents: Scientists and engineers today have access to advanced tools and software to simulate complex physics. However, typical workstations often do not provide enough compute power to solve their problems. A scalable platform such as the cloud, provides more accurate results, while reducing solution times. Ebru demonstrates recent examples of innovative use cases of HPC in the Cloud, such as, “Personalized Non-invasive Clinical Treatment of Schizophrenia and Parkinson’s” and “Deep Learning for Steady State Fluid Flow Prediction”. Read the insideHPC article here: https://insidehpc.com/2019/02/innovative-use-of-hpc-in-the-cloud-for-ai-cfd-lifescience/


New UberCloud e-Library with all our 15 HPC Cloud Compendiums

UberCloud’s Engineering case studies are published by engineering application areas such as CFD, ANSYS, Deep Learning in CAE, Engineering Software Containers, Technical Computing (5 Volumes), Life Sciences, Advania, Azure, Democratization of CAE, Siemens STAR CCM+, and GROMACS in the Cloud. You can download these Compendiums for free here: https://www.theubercloud.com/ubercloud-compendiums

And visit our February Blog Posts at https://blog.theubercloud.com/ about:

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