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Will the cloud steal my job?

Rosemary 200In this special guest feature of insideHPC, Rosemary Francis from Ellexus describes why the HPC Community has little to fear from the rise of Cloud Computing. As HPC moves to the cloud should I be worried about my job? This is a question we often hear from HPC cluster managers and system administrators. In general the answer is: No. “On the surface, it is a fair question. Moving storage from in-house to an external body could be viewed as taking work out of the company. It is a common misconception about the move from in-house compute systems to the cloud that once the compute moves off-prem there will be nothing to manage.” In fact, the opposite is true. It is common for administrators to manage HPC clusters that are in a different building or even a different country; why do we think it’s going to be any different with the cloud? A cloud infrastructure needs just as much management as in-house infrastructure, perhaps more.

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